Print-Rite SmarTact™ Technology

What is SmarTact™?

SmarTact™ is the flagship product of Print-Rite N.A. SmarTact™, a patented compatible printer cartridge suitable for popular HP and Canon models, employs Print-Rite’s innovative design and patent technology, combining the values of ultra high print yield, superior print quality, low cost per page and environmental friendliness into one single package that simply out-performs counterparts in the market.

SmarTact™ Patented Technology

The core technology is a patented switching system, which enables a contact development cartridge to work in a jump development printer. Our patented NoTwist™ drum gear inside each SmarTact™ is also free to enter the United States.

Comparison of Jumper and Contact Development System

SmarTact(TM) Summary

SmarTact™ Performance

SmarTact(TM) toner yield comparison

SmarTact(TM) MPS comparison

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SmarTact™ Compatible HP 435/436/278/285/388 Installation Instructions

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